Demand for budget homes
December 1, 2022

Demand for budget homes

Investments in real estate have come back to the fore after the pandemic. Tangible assets such as real estate are one of the safest investment options of our time, which is why people want to buy them. This has proven especially true in times of crisis like the pandemic.

But other asset classes such as stocks and mutual funds are also risky investments. That is why many medium-sized companies with financial resources are considering real estate investments.

Gold and fixed-term deposits are currently rated as the most suitable investment options by only 8% and 5% of respondents respectively.

As interest rates on fixed deposits have risen after the RBI recently increased repo rates, it will be interesting to see if the trend changes in the next survey. As a result, the unaffected middle class has been using their disposable income to buy their own homes, many of them also for second homes.

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